Important COVID-19 Shipping Announcement!

Important COVID-19 Shipping Announcement!

As we continue working through this global pandemic, our carriers informed us on countries and states who are not accepting imported goods due to the state of emergency they are in. These regulations are mandated by carrier and by country/state so please review the details below. 

Orders submitted from 3/26 until futher notice with the contingencies below do not qualify for refund due to long shipping.

We strongly encourage all customers to use Express/Premium if your state/country are not affected by the shipping notice mentioned here:

  1. United States standard shipping has been extended to 10-30+ business days as our primary carrier, SF Express, mandated the extension.
  2. Germany, France, UK, Spain, Japan and South Korea requires using Express or Premium as our standard shipping carrier,
  3. Italy continues to fight against the virus and cannot receive imported goods indefinitely. 

For more information about the changes with standard shipping, please contact our Customer Experience team by phone.

Stay safe & stay healthy.
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